We are an advice centre in Basel for women in the sex work, especially migrants. Our advice centre is located right by the tolerance zone.

Our aims

We are committed to improving the living and working conditions of women working in the sex work, advocate for their rights, and fight against the social exclusion and stigmatisation of these women.

  • We strengthen women’s self-confidence and support them in developing their capacity for action.
  • We treat our clients with awareness, respect, and appreciation.
  • We see our clients as autonomous individuals who are responsible for their own decisions and actions.
  • Our focus is on the individual needs of clients and we support them as best as we can in every respect.
  • We advise, guide, and support women without red tape, free of charge, confidentially, and independent of their residence status.
  • We offer a place where people can rest, get together, and be listened to.
  • We are politically and religiously independent and neutral.

The way we work

The work we do and advice we provide is low-threshold and resource- and goal-oriented and we regularly do outreach to meet women at their workplace. Anonymity and confidentiality are a matter of course for us. In our daily work, we liaise with governmental and non-governmental institutions and professionals, work closely with them, and develop solutions to improve the situation of women in the sex work. The women who work with us are professionals with intercultural competence in the fields of social work, law, and psychology in order to cover the diverse needs of our clients.

The sponsoring association is association Aliena.