We regularly hold workshops on specific topics at our premises. The main topic in 2017 is prevention of violence.

Short description - workshops

All workshops are free of charge
Workshop - rights in the sex industry
Your rights as a sex worker will be explained to you, e.g. you should know that you have the right to make decisions about your body and your services yourself and that you are entitled to contact advisory centres and engage a lawyer if necessary. You will have the opportunity to ask questions individually during the workshop. Aims: You should be able to recognise exploitative situations and to know/enforce your rights.

Workshop - policing
The police will offer you an insight into how the police work in Switzerland, what their role is and how authority is organised in Switzerland. They will also explain to you police procedures when a criminal offence is reported. You may attend the workshop even if you are here/working here illegally (no checks will be carried out). Aims: The workshop is intended to show you that the police in Switzerland are trustworthy and to dispel any fears you may have.
Workshop - help for victims
You can receive information on the help available to victims of physical, sexual or psychological violence from Basel Victim Support. During the workshop, you may ask questions regarding your rights as a victim of violence or your personal situation. Aims: You will find out about the offerings of Basel Victim Support, are aware of your rights as a victim of violence and how we can support you as a victim.

Workshop - violence prevention
You will learn to be more aware of the dangers of violent assaults. Sex workers with many years of experience will explain to you how you can protect yourself from assaults in concrete terms using simple measures, behavioural codes and communicative de-escalation strategies. Aims: You will learn about important behavioural codes and how you can protect yourself from violent assaults using simple, preventative measures.

Workshop – self-defence
You will be introduced to Wen-do self-defence techniques by a Wen-do teacher. This technique has been specially developed for women and young girls so they can defend themselves from (physically stronger) men. Aims: You will learn how to consciously set limits and to physically defend yourself in violent situations.
Workshop - German
Our German course will offer you an introduction to the essential, specific vocabulary you need for your job as a sex worker. You will learn to understand simple expressions and to express yourself. Aims: You will be able to make yourself sufficiently understood to avoid misunderstandings and violent situations or to seek help if necessary.